Honors Capstone

HONO 4920

Photographs were taken by Emily Ginn and Alyssa Cantrell, JEFF via FLICKR, and taken from Anne T. Kent Library  

 "In this interdisciplinary course, students will examine a concept in a societal context. They will work in teams toward a shared purpose, in which each student will have a unique role. The team will apply appropriate research methods and integrate evidence, feedback, and critical synthesis in the creation of a culminating group project." 

Photograph taken by: Piattie Hadi 

Pictured Above: 

Front Row (left to right): Mia Lopez, Alyssa Cantrell, Lex Schumacher, Sierra Najolia, Derian Ramos,

and Emily Yuen

Back Row (left to right): Jacky Salas, Kayla-Marie Gigante, Christine Manalang, Alex Nold, Jordan Lieser, Emily Ginn, Simon Chan, Jerome Cuenco, and Benji Harrington  

website committee

Kayla-Marie Gigante, Emily Ginn, Simon Chan, Jerome Cuenco, and Piattie Hadi

Tel. (415) 482-1934  I  jordan.lieser@dominican.edu

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